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I’m Thanos. I’m from the magnificent town of Monemvasia in Greece, currenlty living in San Francisco, California.

I like programming and Computer Science in general. In my free time I like listening to music, taking photographs and cooking!

Computer Science

I hold a B.Sc. (‘09) and a M.Sc. (‘12) degree in Computer Science from the Computer Science Department (CSD) at the University of Crete (UOC), Greece. During my studies I had the opportunity to work on several research projects in the wide area of networking and distributed systems, focusing mostly on Mobile Security.

I worked as a Research Assistant (2009–2012) and R&D Engineer (2012–2015) at the Distributed Computing Systems Laboratory (DCS) of Institute of Computer Science (ICS), at the Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas (FORTH). In 2016, I joined Appthority, a Mobile Security company in San Francisco, focusing on enterprise threat protection. While on Appthority, I worked on static and dynamic analysis of Android applications. Recently, I joined Symantec through the Appthority acquisition (2018) and I am part of the Modern OS Security team.

I have participated in the implementation and deployment of the EU-funded programs:

I have also participated in the following Cyber Defense exercises:

My research interests include:

You can take a look at my publications or download my CV.


I like taking photographs as well as watching the work of other photographers. One of my favorites is Ragnar Axelsson. I also enjoy watching photostreams on Flickr. I have found some of them that are really exciting. One is the photostream of Manolis Skantzakis aka “skantzman”. I love his perspective and the most of his photoseries especially the “Lost Childhood” one. Another one photostream I like is this of George Kamelakis. His photos are really bizzare. What I like most of his work is his fascinating portraits. I also love travel photography! One person I admire on this is Stylianos Papardelas.

I used to be a member of the Photography club of the University of Crete (FOPK). I have a photostream too (no longer maintained), you can find it here.


I like listening to music. My favorite genders are stoner rock & post rock.

Some of my favorite stoner rock bands are: Queens of the Stone Age, Nightstalker, 1000mods, Spiritual Beggars, Kyuss & Clutch. Some of my favorite post rock bands are: God is an Astronaut, Explosions in the Sky, If these trees could talk, Mogwai, Russian circles, MONO & Pelican. I like greek music too. My favorite artists are Thanasis Papakonstantinou & Giannis Aggelakas.

My girlfriend plays the drums in a female stoner rock band called Solar Wind.

I like going to live concerts and reading live reviews on the net. Some times I write live reviews about concerts I went on a greek music portal,

You can read some of my live reviews on the following links:


I love cooking! My favourite chef is David Chang, I really enjoy watching his shows (Ugly Delicious, The Mind of a Chef). I also enjoy watching documentaries and biographies of popular chefs (e.g., through the Chef’s Table show). My favorite cuisine is Japanese and my favorite dish is Ramen. In my free time I like to cook and combine recipies I find on blogs or in cooking books. I usually post photos of my dishes on Instagram.

About the Site

My website is based on Jekyll and the template is a customized version of Indigo theme by Sérgio A. Kopplin.

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